Midwest ComTel Attends Earth day – a hit for computer nerds and curious observers!

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Earth day, a free, family-friendly afternoon with environmentally focused educational activities, nature walks, games, crafts, mock fossil digs, entertainment and much more is how Kent State describes their day they pay homage to the Earth. This year it was on Sunday, April 22nd, 2018 and Midwest ComTel was honored to be present.

“We had the opportunity to lay out an entire computer and do a show and tell for all of the inquisitive children,” Mike Dixon explained. “On top of that, they enjoyed candy as they compared the circuit boards to miniature cities.”

Kristen Dixon, President of the company, explained that Earth Day is a chance for us to engage the community about electronic recycling; in a world where technology is so relevant in our every day lives, it is important to understand what happens to the technology of yesterday. She went onto explain that Midwest ComTel is driven to keep electronics out of the landfill and to make sure they are either reintroduced back into the economy or they are recycled properly.

Unfortunately, at this point, only a small fraction of electronics is recycled, but Midwest ComTel will not let that discourage them as they discover new and innovative ways to make sure product is kept out of the landfill!

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