IAS is the fast and reliable SES management software interface.
  • Manages all site, lock and user information with robust, real-time reporting and customizable dashboards
  • Authenticates user access privileges and records all site access requests (approved or denied)
  • Digital site access logbook reports the who, when, where, and why of field service activity for every remote site visit
  • Integrates with existing network management systems
  • Ensures compliance with access policies and procedures
  • Restricts user access to one or more domains within the network hierarchy if required
  • Secure private and single tenant cloud instance


IAS is a secured enterprise cloud software that communicates with high security smart locks through an easy-to-use smartphone application, allowing you to seamlessly manage remote access.

  • Supports pre-authorized & on-demand access control management
  • Provides access information such as who, where, why, and when in order to fully understand and improve field operations
  • Deployed as cloud-based or on-premise in high availability configurations
  • Integrates with your data, alarm systems and processes to eliminate redundant database management
  • Enforces applicable security policies and workflow processes during online and offline use
  • Data protected by high security encryption, digital certificates, access management and advanced security systems

SES is the next generation remote security platform from Johnson Controls.

SES delivers innovative end-to-end remote access control that provides field service efficiencies, protects critical assets and delivers a 200% ROI in 12 months*.

The Next Generation of Security

          Why SES Solutions?

          Unsatisfied with your current unmanned remote legacy locking systems?

          Tired of spending $ on truck rolls escorting vendors and contractors into your unmanned remote sites?

          Are you happy with how highly critical sites are being physically protected?

          Want to save 50% or more on site maintenance?

          Tired of physical key and code management?

          Concerned about site outages or loss of E911 services due to theft or vandalism?

          Tired of unauthorized site entries?

          Frustrated with not knowing who is in one of your site(s)?

          Want to know who the last person was at a site?

          Want to know (real time and by name) when someone accesses one of your sites?

        SES’s dedicated engineering team specializes in developing and adapting innovation to solve industry problems not addressed to date.  With its proven products, best-in-class software, electronics and mechanical solution set, SES engages Customers to fully understand their specific requirements.  The result is always an optimal solution with a compelling return on customer investment.  Whether your needs involve specialized enclosures, access privileges, power limitations, lock configurations, and/or integration with alarms, systems and equipment, SES is your partner for success.

        Stay tuned for new and exciting security products and solutions.

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