One major market Midwest ComTel has grown into is the education sector. We work with colleges and universities to maximize their ROI on idle and obsolete assets, to destroy any sensitive data and to provide IT and telecom equipment when necessary. Our clients consist of everyone from the large State universities to the small, private colleges and our competencies in recycling and re-marketing enable us to handle almost all of the electronics Universities and colleges decommission. This includes IT and networking equipment, engineering equipment, electronic scrap, monitors, computers, wireless product, telecom product, CATV product, POS equipment, testing and diagnostics equipment.

Our goal is to help you meet your goals; we do this through our on-site consultation, providing logistics solutions, supplying all necessary documentation and reporting and maintaining an ongoing line of communication. For example, one of our clients was in a bind when they were reconfiguring their storage facility. There was about 10,000 pounds of electronics occupying a main floor that they wanted to have removed efficiently and quickly to free the space up for another University asset. Through our consultative support and with our logistical capabilities, we were able to quickly respond to their request by removing the equipment within days of our consultation.

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